IV Vitamin Therapy

Immune Supporting IV Therapies

Support your immune system with multivitamin infusions! Vitamin deficiencies are common in our society due to poor nutrition from processed foods. Stress, general illness, and surgery cause oxidative stress in the body leaving you susceptible to infections and delayed healing. Fatigue, brainfog, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and decreased energy are what result from this excess oxidative situation. Your body is always fighting off 'internal rust' just like any metal does. This 'rust' results in rapid aging.  

You can treat this process with high dose Vitamin C mixed with B vitamins and trace minerals. A superimmune 'cocktail' will provide Calcium, Magnesium,Vitamin C, Vitamin B-5, B6, selenium, zinc, trace minerals, Glutathione, and others. This combination quenches free-radicals that cause the internal 'rust' and promotes your health and healing.

We also use other formulations as well to promote a recovering immune system. For some, we can use an executive stress protocol, which includes Magnesium , calcium, high-dose Vitamin C, Glycerhizzic acid (immune stimulating) , zinc, dexpanthenol (for energy), with a Glutathione push at the end for anti-oxidation effect. Remember, every day, the chemical reactions in our body are creating oxidative chemicals that stress and rust us from the inside like a piece of iron laying in the rain. This leads to fatigue, brain fog, illness, and poor aging. Why let this happen when you can do something to feel better and be healthy? Call 703-844-0184 to schedule today! See more information at the IV Medical Center!

Peak Performance IV Therapy

Are you a body builders? Are you a cyclist or runner preparing for a big race? Overtrained? Nothing is worse than bonking after you have trained so hard to have a successful competition! Maybe you are just health conscious and concerned about maintaining your health and peak fitness? Policemen, security, and fire personnel need to maintain themselves for peak performance.

We can create a formulation that will assist you in meeting your goals. We can address concerns you may have in your own nutritional and vitamin deficiencies. We can have you tested for them as well as treated so you can rise above your plateau of performance.

Nova health recovery

We will use one of several approaches depending on what concerns you consultation demonstrates. A general repletion formula with IV Multivitamins, trace minerals, B12, and Glutathione will give you hydration, anti-oxidant capacity, and vitamins to allow for maximum healing and muscle generation. We will add an anti-inflammatory to the mixture if you are over-trained and having muscle aches. Another consideration is a pre-race IV hydration panel, using IV fluids to hydrate you fully, adding multi-vitamins to enhance muscle performance. See more at the following site: IV Medical Center

Sad all the time? Fatigued with brain fog? Do you have frequent migraines?Do you have low energy? Do you have sleepless nights due to chronic pain and fibromyalgia? IV nutritional therapies offer an opportunity for you to gain your energy back as well as you mood. As we are supplying your vitamin and nutrition through an IV, it will directly enter your system to have rapid, immediate effect.

An Easy Myers Cocktail, with Vitamin B-5 for energy, B-12, B-complex, Calcium, Vitamin C, and Magnesium can promote rapid relief of nutritional deficiencies. Other considerations include a Mini infusion that would also include selenium and folic acid with Glutathione to boost your anti-oxidant potential. For others, a basic Banana Bag offers the right combination of multivitamins and trace elements to promote healing and recovery. If you have been sick with a GI bug, or have a migraine or hangover, we can also provide a formula to help your symptoms by using IV fluids (1-2 liters), toradol for pain, Magnesium as a muscle relaxant, Zofran for nausea, and B12/Vitamin C to fight infection. Varying combinations are used depending on the clinical situation.

Over half the population has SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) such as MTHFR that prevents them from utilizing oral vitamins appropriately. We can analyze this through nutrigenomics studies to assess an oral regimen that may work best for you. This may promote a long term solution to your situation. See more at the IV Medical Center website.